About Me

We are a family 5, with 3 beautiful smart energetic kids. It was actually their idea to start this blog up. They are some of the most empathetic kids I know, always trying to help out their friends and each other. My oldest daughter Catherine is always giving out advice to her brother and sister and friends. I have to say, she hit’s the nail on the head almost every time. My son Sam is a wild one, always running around and making sure everyone is getting along. He’s always the first to befriend the new kids at school. Last but not least, Emma my youngest daughter is the biggest sweetheart on the planet, yeah you could say I’m a little bias. She is always willing to share her toys and loves to give out to hugs. With them combined, they make up a big portion of this blog! They will always throw out ideas and sometimes will even sit down with me and help me write!


Then there’s the adult side, including my debt, the daily mom struggle, and just life altogether. My husband and I started our family young and we didn’t always have out stuff together. After college and having out first two kids before having a solid career, we relied heavily on loans and credit cards. We have our life on the right paths now, but we are slowly working on the debt aspect. We’ve had to learn how to live a different life style for the time being, which we don’t mind. It’s probably for the best!