Our Favorite Healthy Snacks!

This is a group post from Sam, Catherine and Emma. We all know that our mom likes for us to be healthy, but sometimes we just want some junk food! But most of the time, we will have a healthy snack that tastes good too. We are going to list some of our favorite healthy snacks below so you can feed your kids some foods that we like and hopefully they will like too!

Apples are a favorite in our family and can be eaten in many ways. We like to have sliced apples with peanut butter or for a sweet treat, a little fruit dip. Our mom also chops up apples and sprinkles a little lemon juice on them to give the apples a new flavor. You can eat apples with anything and we like to have them as a snack or with our dinner.

Another great and healthy snack is yogurt. We like to eat yogurt in a few different flavors such as key lime pie, orange and strawberry shortcake. We add fruit to our yogurt for a larger snack or take a yogurt cup when we are on the go. Yogurt sticks are a favorite during the summer since we freeze them. You can eat the yogurt tubes like a Popsicle and they are super healthy!

Our family loves sour stuff so we eat pickles on a regular basis. We like to eat the large pickles for snacks or even freeze pickle juice to enjoy in the summer time. Pickles are a great snack and something we eat almost every day!

As a family, we like to go hiking. Our mom takes us on trails near our town and we need snacks to take with us. Granola is a snack we make at home and take the granola in bags with us on the hike. To make the granola, we take dry oats and mix with honey and raisins and other items like dried fruit. Once mixed up, we bake the granola and then wait for it to cool. This snack is so tasty and something we like to do with our mom.

It is hard for us to eat healthy all the time, but our mom tries to find foods we like that are good for us. We also like to have sweet treats such as ice cream and cake but only have these once a month or so as a special treat.