Why My Husband Wants No Part In Our Blog

As far as husbands go, mine is the greatest. He works hard, helps out around the house and is a wonderful father. That being said, he wants no part in our family blog! I was a little surprised that he did not want to post anything and that he really doesn’t want me talking about him, ha ha! He is shy and does not see the point in telling our family story online, though is a part of our family and I feel that he should be mentioned from time to time.

Sharing with Strangers
The hubby feels it is a bit odd to be so willing to share our family story with strangers. I see it as a change in the times, when people share stories about their children and how they do certain things, from disciplining to family vacations. However, my husband sees it as a way to gossip or giving away too much information. I am trying to change his mind but not sure if he will come around my way.

Scared of Embarrassment
My husband is also afraid that I will embarrass him. I am a storyteller and love to tell any and every one about something that has happened in our lives. Sometimes, these stories involve my husband. He is none too happy when he finds out that I have shared a funny story with a friend, much less considering the blog will be read by a ton of people we don’t even know! I try to keep my stories about my hubby at a minimum, but most times they are just too good not to share!

Interested Anyways
Despite his lack of participation, my husband does show some interest in the blog. He asks me most everyday what have we posted and what the kids are saying about the blog. I think he may just have a hard time wrapping his head around an ‘online diary’ as he calls it! I try to explain that this is a much simpler method of keeping track of our family, the goings on and little things the kids say, but he still seems to be having a hard time with it, but at least shows some interest!

So, I will continue to post about the hubby from time to time, and hopefully he will be none the wiser! Be sure not to tell that I am talking about him!